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Formed in 1999, Fenway owns, leases, and professionally manages Wateridge Pavilion 4commercial real estate and developable land throughout Southern California and the Phoenix metropolitan area. The Company is actively expanding its investment footprint to include other primary markets within the Western U.S.

The success of Fenway Properties is based on market knowledge, responsibility, and performance. These characteristics have provided an unparalleled foundation rooted in understanding the market and close relationships within the brokerage community. Structured for efficiency, creativity, and rapid execution, the Company’s achievements are due to a distinct ability to quickly evaluate opportunities, address challenges, and aggressively manage assets.

Fenway’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to build lasting relationships, not only within the brokerage community, but also with investors, property managers, and tenants alike. Adapting to changing market conditions and investment criteria has allowed Fenway to cultivate long-term investor confidence that strengthens with each endeavor. The success of these investments is firmly entrenched in efficient property management as well as the ability to cater to the needs of the tenants. Finding a balance between meeting investor expectations and maintaining flexibility at the property level has allowed Fenway to emerge as a regional powerhouse within the real estate investment and development industry.

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